Granel was founded in 1999. The company’s founders wanted to create the most technologically advanced production plant to be able to produce the best products at the lowest cost and thereby become the most competitive milling company in both Portugal and abroad. Since its founding, Granel has quickly grown and expanded its customer portfolio and today the company is a leader in the Portuguese bread and pastry making industry.

Granel has made a name for itself among both small bakeries and big multinational companies because of the quality of its flours.

Today Granel still maintains its spirit of technological leadership, together with its commitment to fully satisfying the needs of its current and future customers.

Producing more than 100,000 tonnes of flour per year, Granel is one of the biggest and most modern milling company in Portugal.

Thousands of customers in Portugal, Spain, Asia and Africa buy flours from Granel, recognising the qualities and advantages of the company’s products.

Motivated by its customers’ demands, Granel continues to invest in technological innovation and leadership because it believes that it must always endeavour to be the best, to keep ahead of the competition and respond to the challenges of industrial milling in the 21 st century.


Be a reference in quality product level, processes and service.


Be a satisfaction oriented company of its customers, exceeding their expectations and taking quality as success critical factor, promoting innovation, development and professional fulfillment of our employees and the sustainability of the organization.


Do it well

Delivering results as planed

Focus on the essential

Make it better, making diferente

always dealing with the truth

Work with feeling, positive
attitude and joy


Aware of the importance of exporting to the economy and in the efficiency of its industrial equipment, Granel S. A. looked for and established relationships with several partners in several countries.

These partnerships, as a result of contacts made to various trading companies and international fairs, resulted in the regular commercialization of wheat flours on 4 continents assuming an important role in the company’s development and growth strategy.
Granel´s flour is widely recognised for its high quality and flour yield in the production of various end products


The quality of our products starts with careful selection of the raw materials. Granel works with only the best lots of wheat grain produced in the European Community and the Americas.
Granel’s procurement team is specialised in international futures and options markets and is thus able to make the best purchases at just the right times. The team’s mission is to keep the milling plant supplied with raw materials while reducing the risk of price fluctuations and taking advantage of the best opportunities on the market.

The large volume of wheat purchased by Granel gives the company a competitive edge in terms of shipping costs and ensures greater homogeneity in each type of wheat.
All of the wheat is subjected to strict quality control checks on arrival. The wheat lots are processed in such a way as to produce flours that exactly meet customer specifications.

Granel recently acquired an MTMA grain cleaner and added it to its wheat cleaning process. The new cleaner enables us to ensure that no genetically modified organism (GMO) particles are present due to cross contamination of grains in maritime shipping ports.

Granel was the first milling company in Portugal to acquire a grain cleaner of this kind.

The entire production plant was set up by Bühler AG, which drew up the blueprint for the plant and equipped it with the most modern machinery available according to the most stringent international milling industry standards. From taking delivery of the wheat to grinding the grain to shipping the flour, the process is fully computerised and controlled automatically.

Granel is able to produce and supply flours with a wide range of specifications.
Granel recently installed a final product mixing station, providing the company with the unique capability of preparing custom-designed flours according to customer specifications on a case-by-case basis.

Quality control and food safety are a priority at Granel in all stages of production and management in order to ensure the best product in the best possible condition.

Granel has its own laboratory where each and every product the company sells is analysed and tested. Samples are taken at all stages of the production process in accordance with the implemented monitoring plans.

The testing is done to certify the quality of the flours and to ensure they meet the specifications.

All flours produced at Granel undergo final bread-making tests to validate the results of laboratory testing.
As most of our products are designed for bread making, the experimental bakery plays an important role in quality control.

All flours are tested under conditions that simulate their future use.

Granel sells its flours in 25 kg and 50 kg sacks. We also have a fleet of different sized bulk flour trucks for larger deliveries. Granel has installed the most modern equipment available for detecting foreign particles to ensure the safety of food products.

Because we believe in the quality of our flours, we provide our customers with the fullest support, in terms of both product development and special training and tech support. The Granel team includes a specialised bakery technician who, at the customer’s request, can make on-site visits and provide product demonstrations and help with problem solving.
With a daily production capacity of 500 tons, Granel is one of the largest and modern flour mill in Portugal.